Why Choose Us?

We know that there are a lot of server hosts out there and finding the right one can be hard.
Here are just some of the reasons we think you should choose us.

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Custom Pterodactyl Panel

Custom Control Panel

Build from the ground up by the Pterodactyl team, Pterodactyl Panel is a powerful open source game panel. It runs all servers in a secured Docker that keeps all your files safe. It's been customised by HydroHosting to make it look beautiful.

Cloudflares Anti-DDoS

DDoS Protection

All of our servers and protected with DDoS protection which can withstand attacks even up to hundreds of Gbps. Our DDoS protection covers the three main types of attacks. DNS Flood, UDP Amplification (Layer 3 & 4) and HTTP Flood (Layer 7). All of this will ensure your servers are fully secured.

Picture of the results from single threaded workloads on 3 CPUs

High Performace

All of our servers run on Intel Core i7 4790K CPUs. The high single core performance makes them perfect for Minecraft server.

Picture of an SSD

Solid State Drives

All of our servers run on the latest and fastest SSD technology available. This increases I/O speeds and reduces latency. Helping your servers stay as fast as possible.

Order Now

We try and offer the cheapest servers while still providing great customer support.
If you find our servers cheaper somewhere else tell us and we will take a look.

  • Minecraft Servers

    We Support a large range of servers, from 1GB of RAM to 16GB. All servers have at least 1 dedicated CPU core.

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  • TeamSpeak 3 Voice Servers

    Our TeamSpeak 3 voice servers are one of the cheapest on the market!

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  • Other Games To Be Added!

    We are currently looking into supporting other game. If there is a specific one you should like, feel free to give us a shout on our Discord Server